Tips to Write an Engaging Summary

A student or a person is asked to provide a summary of the content to interpret his understanding of the piece of writing and to retell about content to its readers in a brief manner. Writing a summary means giving away the gist on which the whole writing is based. 

Whether you are summarizing your own piece of writing or other person’s work, a summary is written in the writer's words and he shortens the text as much as he can by providing only the key ideas. you can also take help from paper writing service experts.

Though writing a summary is only cutting down the main content, it may not be as simple as it seems. Several times the content to be summarised is so complexed that a writer finds it very hard to deduce its gist.


It is mandatory to have clear understanding of the text in order to do write my essay task. If you don’t understand the content in the first place you will not be able to provide a summary of it for sure.  A summary has some major attributes. They include:

  1. Comprehensive: Highlight the important and main points of the text and make a list. Go through the list when all the ideas are written and choose that best compliments the author’s thesis statement. 

  2. Independent: Your own style can be used to write a summary. But make sure you do not distort the author’s idea. 

  3. Coherent: Your summary should make sense when reading it separately. All the paragraphs in your summary should be tied logically together. 

  4. Concise: Avoid repeating the same idea over and over. The purpose of the summary is to give away the main idea in the least words possible.

To write my paper following tips and tricks can be practiced:

  1. Try to summarize each paragraph of the text in a sentence or two.

  2. Write down a sentence that restates the main idea of the whole text.

  3. Create a paragraph that has the main idea and then the summary of a certain paragraph.

In some cases, you are asked to summarize the content that is based on more than 10 pages. This type include the summary of a book or a research paper. To summarize this type of work, follow the tips below: 

  1. Break your text into smaller parts and sections. Create the outline by categorizing them idea vise. 

  2. Each section categorized is summarized in a sentence.

  3. Identify the thesis statement of the author and restate or write it down by rephrasing it. 

  4. Write sentences whose topic is the thesis statement of an author and the content is the summary of a particular section. 

  5. Revise the summary and rearrange the information if required. 

It is a bit tricky for an essay writer to write a perfect summary. Follow the tips and tricks provided above to draft an effective and engaging summary of the chosen content.  

If you still find it difficult to draft a summary of a piece of writing, you can take help from websites that will do my paper task for me and enjoy the scores you deserve. 

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